Taking a Page from Hunter S. Thompson’s Fashion Bible

Life is too short to not take risks and dress boldly, just like Hunter S. Thompson!



December 20, 2022 at 04:52 AM


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The life and works of Hunter S. Thompson, the iconic American writer and journalist, are being celebrated in fashion. From celebrities to everyday citizens, people are realizing that the look and attitude of Thompson’s generation is as relevant today as it was in his day.

Thompson's signature style was often associated with leather jackets, cigarette pants, bandanas, and aviator sunglasses. His bold color choices and designs gave him a unique and eye catching appearance, one that has been adopted by many for fashion today.

Experts say that the fashion of this generation is more about emphasizing the individualistic sense of style and paying homage to the past. It's also about daring to be noticed and measured.

Whether you're rocking a hand-painted leather jacket or a pair of flared jeans, taking a page from Hunter S. Thompson's fashion bible is sure to keep you looking cool and chic. After all, nobody wants to blend into the crowd while stepping out in style.

As more and more people channel their inner Thompson, it's safe to say that his style will continue to inspire fashion for years to come.